Friday, December 20, 2013


  1. Hi! I am new to your blog. Thank you for all the information you share on here.

    This pretty much describes how I have been feeling lately. Thank you for posting this.
    I may have to steal it and add it to my blog.

    1. Welcome! sorry I have been so MIA in writing...I had a few other posts on there, I removed, after I got some nasty messages etc...Please feel free to use any info/special things on here as you wish ( just link my blog) . =) And I will be sure to do the same! =)

    2. I am sorry people sent you some nasty comments. I hope that doesn't stop you from writing.

    3. No, def not going to stop me!! The comments bothered me for a bit, but I am not going anywhere, just trying to take some time to refocus a bit and really steady myself as best as I can before the start of a new year.....Lots of changes on the horizon,, which I will post about once Christmas is all over and done. =)


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