Thursday, November 7, 2013

Photo BOMB!

I don't have tons of time...we are washing clothes and packing...Tomorrow is our last full day here in CA....It has been an amazing trip! (outside of AF showing like 5 days early! UGH)...But here is a bunch of pics! We have TONS of video to be uploaded and such...But here are a few snaps from my Iphone!

 (our room etc)

The pool on the roof of the #rd floor....
 we had so much fun- the pics are only a few...The suite had 3 room! and a sitting area etc! we bunked with my parents as well, so we could spend quality time with the grandparents for the kids...and well...I needed some "mommy and me time" with  MY mommy =)
(pictured to the left- watching the kids swim on a break from the park)

                                                                          My mommy and me (below)

 Dad and the kids ( above)

Nana and Kaitlyn


Dad, Grandad, Isaiah, and half of lindsay, on the submarine ride (Hayden was ducking to avoid the pic)...
all of us ( below)

From left to right: Haydem Isaiah, Lindsay and Kaitlyn ( the littlest one, who is not so little anymore)

 walking down main street at night ( to the left)

 Me and my "ears"


Dinner at the Rain forest cafe!!

And here is a few snaps from Huntington Beach, CA from today!


  1. What a beautiful family and fun time!

  2. Great photos!! Looks like a wonderful time :)


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