Monday, November 18, 2013

Some big news..

Ok... So....The big news?

We are moving!.......... =)

Some of you know we went to California to visit family a couple weeks back...What was a family vacation at the start, turned into scoping out a plan to relocate after a few days.....

There are MANY reasons we want to/have wanted to leave New York...MANY...One, being TAXES...Holy hell, do they sock it to ya here in the Big freaking apple...Two being, the freaking COLD...I hate the cold, dreary weather in the winter, and sticky, nasty HUMID summers...Three. we need to get into a house that fits our budget better.

We originally planned on going to North Carolina. But after spending 12 days back in my old hometown of Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead, CA area...Both DH and I were ready to come back to NY and pack up right away to move out there! If only it were that easy! LOL. We have MUCH to do...The biggest thing? Selling this house! The transfer part for DH with his job is pretty easy, and the district managers already have things in motion with the district managers in CA, figuring out a ETA on his promotion/transfer....We are HOPING anywhere from Feb- April we will be officially heading west...

Right now, I am busy packing away clutter, throwing crap away, selling crap etc...LOL..Then we LIST it, and pray like heck! I am not so worried about it actually selling, as much as I am worried about actually walking away with some money in our pockets after closing, commissions etc...But I suppose what will be, will be...


  1. Wow, so many changes and so much excitement on the horizon! SoCal will be a great change of pace from NY. Bring on the sunshine!

    1. I agree...CA life is so different from NY...we welcome the change wholeheartedly! I cannot wait to get our official transfer date and really get things moving....Right now I am just packing and painting...pretty boring...LOL...


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