Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Since the TR...

It has been a rough road...One that I am amazed I am still on... I would have sworn we would be the "lucky ones" and get preg with a keeper the month after surgery, since I was so fertile before...That has not been the case...March was surgery, but we did not "prevent" so anything "could have happened, but didn't. Then, I was diagnosed with low progesterone in April, had a Chemical Pregnancy ( aka CP) in May, had another possible CP in June and was sent over to the reproductive endo's office by my OB, had a HSG in July and a hormonal work up, everything came back great, tubes open, and hormones ok. I  got pregnant that first cycle of the HSG, and betas rose well and doubled, but we lost the bean anyway at 5 weeks. August, I had another CP, Sept, started femara for a better ovulation, and got another BFP (Big fat positive) and had great rising beta blood tests, and wonderful progesterone, but  we lost the baby again, and left the RE baffled. got sent for MORE blood work, and  a redo of  the repeat loss panel blood tests, and  all came back normal again. November, was  femara cycle again, and another chemical preg. Dec, met with RE again, switched me to clomid, and added on estrace to the already taken prometrium, and said " let see" what happens...He did say the chemicals could have been early ectopic's that just resolved on their own, but triggered enough HCG to give me a few days of + tests. The other two were uterine in nature, with doubling betas and good progesterone levels. It really is a mystery still as to why we keep losing the pregnancies... BUT I hold on to the HOPE that I have 3 other living bio children, and we WILL get another baby blessing! I know God did not lead us down this road for nothing...at the moment I am 1 day past ovulation, and just ready to test already! I am ready to have a take home baby... I am ready to move past all of this...but I will never forget.

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