Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Please oh please!!!

As it sit here, over analyzing my symptoms just a mere 2 days post ovulation, I find myself saying over and over in my head..."Please, please, please let this be our month!" I have been on this merry go round of craziness called TTC for the last 10 months, and have experienced 6 heartbreaking losses... can I get a break here!? I am so bloated I cannot bend over properly or button my pants, my boobs are on fire and my ovaries are screaming at me.. this has to be good right?? maybe... maybe not...could be the clomid crazies...But I HOPE, HOPE, HOPE this IS our month!! I am just sooooooo ready for this to happen!!! Please oh please let this be our take home baby cycle!!

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  1. I hope this is your month! You can follow me at


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