Tuesday, December 27, 2011

You may be wondering...

What on earth are those abbreviations and what do they mean. well I will give you a little guide to help you understand the acronyms, since I will be using a LOT of them when making my posts on this blog. Most of you, if you have searched out this site, know what some of them are, since you are probably in, or will be in the same boat soon. No matter what the reason you happened to stumble on this page, look no further, I will decode the strange language of those trying to have a baby, and use online forums...lol. In regards to THIS page, it means Trying to conceive after a Tubal Reversal. Here I will go over the many stuggles and ups and downs of having had a tubal ligation/ reversal and trying again... and again, and again, after repeat early pregnancy losses....and all that goes with it....ok back to topic...

Below is a list of the commonly (and not co common) used acronyms for short hand online TTC (trying to conceive AKA getting pregnant/ "trying")  talk .

TTC ~ Trying to Conceive

AF ~ Aunt Flow (period)

AHI ~ At-Home Insemination

AI ~ Artificial Insemination

AID ~ Artificial Insemination from Donor

AIH ~ Artificial Insemination from Husband

AO ~ Anovulation

BD ~ Baby Dance

BBT ~ Basal Body Temperature

BCP ~ Birth Control Pills

Beta, beta hCG ~ Serum Pregnancy Test: qualitative (yes/no) or quantitative (numeric level)

BG ~ Blood Glucose

BSE ~ Breast Self-Exam

BTB ~ Break Through Bleeding

BW, b/w ~ Blood work

BOB ~ Baby on the Brain, Baby Obsessed Brain

BFN ~ Big Fat Negative

BFP ~ Big Fat Positive

CY# ~ Cycle Number

CCCT ~ Clomiphene Citrate Challenge Test (Clomid Challenge)

CD ~ Cycle Day

CF ~ Cervical Fluid

CM ~ Cervical Mucus

CNM ~ Certified Nurse Midwife

COH ~ Controlled Ovarian Hyper stimulation

CP ~ Cervical Position

DH ~Dearest Husband

DD ~ Darling Daughter

DP ~ Darling Partner

DS ~ Darling Son

D&C ~ Dilation and Curettage

D&E ~ Dilation and Evacuation

DE ~ Donor Eggs

DI ~ Donor Insemination

DPO ~ Days Past Ovulation

Dx ~ Diagnosis

DTD ~ Do the Deed

E2 ~ Estradiol (Estrogen)

EB, EMB ~ Endometrial Biopsy

EDC ~ Expected Date of Confinement (Due Date)

EDD ~ Estimated Due Date

ENDO ~ Endometriosis

EPT ~ Early Pregnancy Test

ERT ~ Estrogen Replacement Therapy

EW ~ Egg White

EWCF ~ Eggwhite Cervical Fluid

EWCM ~ Eggwhite Cervical Mucus

FP ~ Follicular Phase

FHR ~ Follicle Stimulating Hormone

FMU ~ First Morning Urine

FM ~ Fertility Monitor

GP ~ General Practitioner

HCG, HCG ` Human Chronic Gonadotropin

HCP ~ Health Care Practitioner

HPT ~ Home Pregnancy Test

HRT ~ Hormone Replacement Therapy

HSC ~ Hysteroscopy

HSG ~ Hysterosalpingogram

HTH ~ Hope that helps

IF ~ Infertility

IM ~ Intra-Muscular (injections)

IVF ~ In Vitro Fertilization

IUI ~ Inter Uterine Insemination

KWIM ~ Know what I mean?

LAP ~ Laparoscopy

LH ~ Luteinzing Hormone

LMP ~ Last Menstrual Period (1st day of red flow)

LP ~ Luteal Phase

2WW ~ 2 Week Wait (luteal phase)

LSP ~ Low Sperm Count

MC, m/c ~ Miscarriage

MF ~ Male Factor

NP ~ Nurse Practitioner

O, OV ~ Ovualtion

OB ~ Obstetrician

OB/GYN ~ Obstetrician/Gynecologist

OC ~ Oral Contraceptives

OCP ~ Oral Contraceptive Pill

OD ~ Ovulatory Dysfunction

OHSS ~ Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

OPK ~ Ovulation Predictor Kit

OPT ~ Ovulation Predictor Test

OTC ~ Over The Counter

P4 ~ Progesterone

PA ~ Physicians Assistant

PCAP ~ Polycystic Appearing Ovaries

PCO ~ Polycystic Ovaries

PCOD ~ Polycystic Ovary Disease

PCOS ~ Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

PCP ~ Primary Care Physician

PCT ~ Postcoital Test

PG ~ Pregnant

PI ~ Primary Infertility

PID ~ Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PMS ~ Premenstrual Syndrome

POC ~ Products of Conception

RE ~ Reproductive Endocrinologist

RI ~ Reproductive Immunologist

RPL ~ Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

Rx ~ Prescription

SA ~ Semen Analysis

S/b, SB Stillbirth

SI ~ Secondary Infertility

SO ~ Significant Other

TTC ~ Trying to conceive

TL ~ Tubal Ligation

TR ~ Tubal Reversal

Tx ~ Treatment

TIA ~ Thanks in advance

TAB ~ Taking A Break

TMI ~ Too Much Information

UR ~ Urologist

US, u/s ~ Ultrasound

UTI ~ Urinary Tract Infection

V ~ Vasectomy

VR ~ Vasectomy Reversal

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