Friday, April 4, 2014

little updates-

Just a few little updates-

I still LOVE my beach body/shakeology stuff...I wish I could say I lost weight...BUT, my thyroid is making it super hard to do! I found out my TSH was a bit high, meaning my thyroid function is too low- I have an apt to see my regular endo on the 30th, since my asshat primary is useless and still think a TSH of 4 is normal...(face palm)...

We have two offers on the house- making a decision this weekend! Ahhhhh!!

DH's new interview dates for the new position (the one he planned to transfer with was liquidated) and we should have a target "report to" date by the 18th of this month....:)

Younique still rocks my socks...I only have a 100 bucks to reach my next goal! :) And they just came out with some new stuff!! eeek!

I'm finding the nearing of mothers day starting to cause a panic...We have 2 different "should have been"  EDD's and a angelversary date on that day, ( two different years in a row) and it just causes me to want to hide in bed...Hopefully we are soooo involved in the move, it wont phase me....Hopefully...Another year gone, no babies in my arms...Its such a hard reality, one I hate having to face at the end of the day when the noise fades....
anyway, onward and upward I guess...

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