Saturday, March 15, 2014

5+ days...

Into my 21 day Beachbody challenge, and despite having to deal with another chemical preg (I have stopped counting how many we have had- we have been NTNP/ AKA, doing a terrible job avoiding) which resulted in a KILLER AF this week,  but none the less, I am feeling great physically! I dont think I have lost anything weight wise,( I'll measure and do weight next week) but I am feeling much more flexible, and stronger (now that the soreness has started to ease). I have been making MUCH better eating choices too...Here is my Dinner from tonight-
Doesn't look so great, but it was YUMMY! Spaghetti squash ( baked first to cook) mushrooms and garlic sauteed in a dash of olive oil, then mixed with squash, and a dash of fresh grated parmesan cheese on top.  The squash, and mushrooms, with a pepper mix is also delish with a low fat alfredo sauce as a replacement for pasta! 

My fave thing that I have added to my routine with this program? The SHAKEOLOGY! OMG, YUMMY!!  SO many great things you can do with it! AND, I got the hubbs on board! He has been doing the shakes with me and has noticed a significant increase in energy without needing any additional caffeine etc...

Check out this recipe for protein bars... OMG, just made some, and the fam is over the moon for them, and the help with that sweet tooth!

I will probably go right into another 21 days if this, once this challenge is over...I would LOVE to be 20 lbs lighter by summer! Even if I don't lose a ton of weight, I can feel the changes in my muscles, which is good! I have not been able to maintain a workout program before now, due to the neurocardiogenic issues, which back then, I had NO idea what was going on...But since the DX, and the addition of the beta blockers, I am able to work out, every, single day, and not feel dead after!

I wish I  could say that emotionally I am ok...This week has been HELL for so many, many reasons. ( not even counting the chemical, though Im sure hormones contributed) I dont even want to try and go over them, there are just so many...I am however, thankful that I am able to keep going, doing the things I need to do physically, and stay motivated, even when I am literally HURTING in my soul throughout the day...It does seem to come at the most inopportune times, unfortunately. I am still standing though....Still breathing, living, loving and trying to laugh a little when I feel the light...:)

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