Thursday, September 13, 2018

Life updates!

So it’s been quite a while .... There have been so many amazing things happening in our family ! Its been so busy, I have forgotten to come over here and share! The biggest change being, that we just relocated from Southern California (after moving from NY 4 years prior) to Houston Texas! It’s been about six months since the move. We finally feel like we are at a place where we can breathe ! We found a great home church , all of the kids are doing good in school ( I have two homeschooled, and two in public ) and we found a groove! Also, I no longer have to use the GPS to get around anymore ! 😂 A lot of dynamics have also changed in our household. Now that we are past the newborn phase with TWINS, we have Two teenagers, (16 and 16) two in between,(12 and 9) and then two toddlers...As the Twins are now TWO years old!! (how can time go so fast!???) it’s been interesting to see how the schedules have changed . I still can’t believe It some days! But honestly, I am loving every second of this whole mom gig! I love being a home to help shape all of these awesome kids, into amazing adults! I have started serving on the worship team at church as well , so it’s nice to do some things that are fun Got ME too! For a LONG time, I was ONLY doing things for others, and felt a little funk slip in. Self care is HUGE, and for me, I feel FILLED up when i'm serving in my gifts. Additionally I have started an awesome Home Business , and the self development has been amazing, along with making some life long friends along the way! And of course, the extra cash doesn't hurt with this many kiddos! LOL Im hoping to take some more time to explore the beauty that is Houston here soon, now that its cooling down! But so far, we LOVE Texas!!!! Ill try to hop on here and post a few pics too! We need a NEW Family pic STAT!

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