Thursday, January 29, 2015

So Pretty...

Of course, I have been doing this long enough (57 cycles now) to know that a pretty chart means nothing when it comes to pregnancy/baby, and especially in OUR case, it means literally nothing...BUT, still...Look at that!

I started tracking my cycles again with temps this month...Its been a while since I actually used my BBT therm.... I wanted to see where I was at cycle wise with managing my PCOS and IR issues and make sure I am documenting my luteal phase and ovulation days to see if we get any progress with balancing those out now that I am taking the metformin again....I kind of miss charting now that I am back at it again...It helps me feel a bit more in the "know" and feel in control... And to be honest, I KINDA started back at it again too, because we have stopped "preventing" again, and are just "seeing what happens"...Its probably a stupid move on my part, but at this point, why not? I have not been had any traumatic losses (that lasted more than 3 days worth of positive tests before bleeding started, and I wouldn't have even known had i not tested) in the last year and a half, since our 4th ectopic that took my tube, and I don't really have anything to lose by just letting nature take its course with both my cycles, and whatever pregnancy may or may not try to "implant"... But every now and again, when I see a pretty chart like this, I day dream about how great it would be to be given an amazing miracle of a sticky bean, with NO immune meds...BUT seriously, its wayyyyy more likely there will be peace in the east, than for us to get a take home baby trying "on our own"...LOL...

Other than this pretty chart, I don't have much to write about, other than a few of the new alternative medicine and therapies I have been using in the last month to manage some of my existing conditions and symptoms related to those...BUT, I will be making a separate post about that to fill you all in on what I am doing, how it is working etc...I am pretty excited to share with everyone, but I wanted to have a FULL month under my belt of supplements and treatments before I started singing too many praises and putting my cart before the horse...

I hope the rest of this week brings blessings and good news to those who are still in their journey to a take home baby, and much rest to all the new mommies out there! 

Love and hugs


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    1. Too bad AF showed leaving me with a 10 day LP... Seems like progesterone is lacking these days without supplements ... Hopefully as PCOS gets better so does ovulation quality


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