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What you should know if you are considering a tubal reversal

Its been 8 years. 8 years since we took a trip to NC to see DR. Montieth in Chapel Hill. I remember being so excited. I had this picture in my head of how it was going to go during, and after it all. For those of you who don't know, I had my tubes tied in 2009, after the birth of my 3rd, directly following a traumatic still birth. It was a decision made out of fear and trauma, not an informed decision. I ended up having adverse health issues (PTLS) after, and was desperate to find a solution. I stumbled upon a private chat room with others also struggling. Several had gone for a reversal, and seemed to feel so MUCH better after. I had already seen my doctor umpteen times, and they offered no solutions, and insinuated it was "in my head".... I saw all of these ladies posting the day OF surgery saying that they felt relief! I was like, "Yes, this is it!!"... So we saved the 6 Grand, and went and did the reversal. I was PUMPED. I started a blog, YouTube video and F
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Bye Felicia!

After MORE than 17 pregnancies, (5 live births, one still birth, 4 back to back ectopics, and NUMEROUS early losses), a tubal ligation, tubal reversal, and tubal removal and c section .... I am saying farewell to a old friend. My uterus. I met with an OBGYN this week to look over my most recent ultrasound, that showed a large mass in the wall of my uterus. tween the pregnancies (mostly losses), the endo and PCOS, he STRONGLY recommended I have a FULL hysterectomy, including the removal of my ovaries. I am only 35 this year, so I will say I was a little taken back initially. However, when I go back and think through my GYN history, its apparent, I will ave a much better quality of life after its all said and done. Truth be told, my hesitancy inst related to the desire for more children. We are content, happy and feeling healed from the years of losses. The twins have completed our family and we are so happy to be past ever trying to add to our family again. My resistance has more

Life updates!

So it’s been quite a while .... There have been so many amazing things happening in our family ! Its been so busy, I have forgotten to come over here and share! The biggest change being, that we just relocated from Southern California (after moving from NY 4 years prior) to Houston Texas! It’s been about six months since the move. We finally feel like we are at a place where we can breathe ! We found a great home church , all of the kids are doing good in school ( I have two home schooled, and two in public) and we found a groove! Also, I no longer have to use the GPS to get around anymore ! 😂 A lot of dynamics have also changed in our household. Now that we are past the newborn phase with TWINS, we have Two teenagers, (16 and 16) two in between,(12 and 9) and then two toddlers...As the Twins are now TWO years old!! (how can time go so fast!???) it’s been interesting to see how the schedules have changed . I still can’t believe It some days! But honestly, I am lov

Our Embryo Adoption Journey

I created a little slide show about our Journey to complete our family using Embryo Adoption, after struggling with secondary infertility and immune mediated recurrent pregnancy loss. Please share too!

1 year old!

So thankful for the GIFT of embryo adoption. These two are ONE!!!

This time last year...

So many things can change in a year... This time last year I was hip deep in hormone injections, prepping for our first donor FET. So many questions and fears about how things would go following the transfer... the biggest question being, would it actually work? No one really knew... we prayed it would... This  year, I'm holding my almost 4 month old twins in my arms.... filled with more joy than I could possibly articulate.. Here is a picture of them together right after we brought them home...  And then a couple more recent ones... .        

They are here!!!!

 Long story short ,  The babies are here !!!  I don't have a lot of time to get into the birth story etc.  and my last update was a while ago so there is a lot that is happened in between ,  but basically I ended up developing preeclampsia and had an emergency C-section at 36 weeks and four days ...  Josiah was born first, at 10:11 am on 7/6/16/  weighing  5 lbs. 7 oz. 19 in long  Olivia was born at 10:13 Am -  weighing 5 lbs. 3 oz. -  18 inches long Miss Olivia had to be resuscitated ,  and was doing fine afterwards -  then develop some issues controlling her sugars -  so she's been in the NICU  since the day after birth ...  We are hoping she is discharged today ... I won't even begin to go into how difficult it is to have both babies here,., ugh my heart aches without my baby girl but I know shes getting stronger!! Josiah  has been doing fantastic -  had some mild feeding issues -  those seem to have resolved considering he gained 4 ounces in 24 hours. ,  and is nearly b